Plastic Injection Molding for Medical Devices

Elite Technology applies its expertise in medical plastic injection molding to the following components for the medical devices industry:

  • Hospital bed controls
  • IV panel controls
  • Digital thermometers
  • Monitor panels

The medical device sector is subjected to more regulations, pressure and scrutiny than almost any other industry. Every device produced has to conform to a multitude of exacting medical, legal, safety, and regulatory standards — when it comes to people’s lives and well-being, there is no margin for error.

That’s why medical device manufacturers turn to Elite Technology. They trust our expertise in medical plastic injection molding to produce devices that provide the performance and results that they, their customers and their patients depend on every day.                                                

The following example shows how Elite Technology has applied its experience in plastic injection molding to deliver superior performance for devices, controls and panels used in the medical device industry:

Double-Injection Molded TPE Controller

This controller was designed for use in hospital bed applications. It required three individual plastic injection-molding processes. The front cover used a co-molding process in which the IMD keys were inserted into the mold to be co-molded to the ABS plastic with silicone rubber. The rear case was manufactured using single-injection molding of ABS plastic. The IMD process provided the decorations that applied the symbols to the keys.

The finished controller was constructed of ABS plastic, silicone rubber, and PET.  It was ergonomically designed with buttons laid out for easy accessibility and completely sealed against spills and moisture for protection easy cleaning.

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