Electronic Membrane Switches

Electronic Membrane Switches and Membrane Switch Keypads

At Elite Technology, we specialize in electronic membrane switches, also called membrane panels or keypads. These low-power electronic membrane switches are used to identify and control the functions of machines and other equipment in a variety of applications, industries, and environments.

Our electronic membrane switches are low-profile, flexible circuits screen-printed on a thin plastic substrate (usually polyester) using either silver or graphite conductive ink, bonded and assembled with a number of adhesive layers, then topped with a graphic interface or graphic overlay that indicates the function of each key on a membrane switch keypad.

To improve the user experience, membrane switch keypads often include metal domes or polydomes that provide tactile, audible or visual feedback, such as a snap that can be felt and/or heard or backlighting that indicates when the key is pressed or activated.

Electronic membrane switches have replaced mechanical switches and can easily be integrated or retrofitted in existing controllers. These membrane switch keypads offer a variety of major benefits:

  • User-friendly, attractive custom interfaces
  • Low price points
  • Long-lasting durability in multiple applications
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmental sealing for resistance to moisture, chemicals and abrasion
  • Multiple design and feedback options
  • Virtually endless configurations

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