Plastic Injection Molding for Automotive Components

Elite Technology applies its expertise in plastic injection molding for automotive components to the following applications:

  • Window controls
  • Door locks
  • Interior decoration
  • Center console doors/covers

Elite Technology’s expertise in plastic injection molding makes us the choice to manufacture a variety of different components for the automotive industry.

Because of the demand to make vehicles more fuel efficient, the automotive industry is constantly pressured to reduce both the weight and the costs of producing vehicles and the components in them. This demand drives suppliers to explore new and innovative way to make cars and automotive components lighter weight without sacrificing strength, durability, structural integrity, profitability, or safety.

Our experience in plastic injection molding gives Elite Technology a natural advantage over many competitors. The materials used in our plastic injection molding process are lighter than most metals used to make these types of automotive components, offer many of the same high-performance properties and are easy to fabricate at a lower cost.

The advantages of these lightweight, low-cost, high-performance components help give automotive manufacturers a competitive edge that helps them lower vehicle weight, increase fuel efficiency and drive profitability.

Plastic injection molding also offers superior design flexibility and processing versatility, giving us the ability to explore and adapt innovative new ways to manufacture components for additional automotive applications without investing heavily in costly new research and development expenses.

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